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The captain looks through his binoculars in the command bridge

Your Captain for the Northwest European inland navigation

Bart van der Meer steers your ship safely to its destination

The life on board a ship is not for everyone – but it's my passion. I have been enthusiastically gathering nautical experience as a harbour master, sailor, helmsman and captain since 1991. In addition to this, I have a broad wealth of knowledge as a businessman and entrepreneur.

You can hire me as a freelance river captain for your passenger ship, tanker, sailing vessel, patrol ship or ferry. Whether ARA, North France, Elbe, Rhine, Moselle, Main or Main-Danube Canal - I cover the entire Northwest European inland network.

I have long-standing partnerships with Arosa, RSR Nemo and River Advice. Among my clients are also Cruiseline, Nijmegen, EXHO Binnenvaart and Inland Crewing Rotterdam. As a river captain, colleague and host, I am also fully committed to your passengers and your name. Hire me now!

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Hand at the wheel in the bridge

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Contact us at +49 (0) 9221 8234 900 or by E-Mail.

Captain on his ship
The captain together with his crew welcomes the guests on board
CaptainThe captain points to his wheel on deck on deck
The captain keeps an eye on everything

My core values


Every voyage is full of challenges. Because I always look ahead and navigate all waters with the necessary respect, I bring your guests and your passenger ship safely to their destination, even in the harshest conditions.

Team spirit

For me, every position on board matters - regardless of gender, origin, religion, rank, experience, language, skin colour, political views and sexual orientation.


You can build trust by always giving more than others expect of you. I keep my promises - even if I have to put in a little more effort to do so.


I will live up to your guests expectations and make their journey truely something to remember.


The Euro Captain® is your reliable partner who will do whatever it takes in an emergency to insure that your journey can continue immediately. That's a promise!


Only those who show interest in others can inspire others. On your ship I am not only the captain but also a role model, a host, a risk manager and a team leader.

I am also passionate about



I love nature and Europe's waterways. That's why I conserve resources and power my headquarters with solar energy.

Knowledge transfer

I love passing on my knowledge and experience to trainees and apprentices on board my ships.


I like to get involved with young talent and social projects. So every year I donate a part of my proceeds to charity.


We are ready for departure!

Our Operational areas

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Captain on deck of a ship
Captain straightens rope on the ship
Captain turns the wheel of the line pipes on the ship
Captain checks the line pipes on the ship